The 2005 Amateur Draft, Round One

1) Arizona – Justin Upton, R/R, SS, Great Bridge HS (VA)
2) Kansas City – Alex Gordon, L/R, 3B, Nebraska
3) Seattle – Jeffrey Clement, L/R, C, USC
4) Washington – Ryan Zimmerman, R/R, 3B, UVA
5) Milwaukee – Ryan Braun, R/R, 3B, University of Miami
6) Toronto – Ricardo Romero, R/LHP, Cal State Fullerton
7) Colorado – Troy Tulowitzki, R/R, SS, Cal State Long Beach
8) Tampa Bay – Wade Townsend, R/RHP, Rice

9) Mets – Michael Pelfrey (above), R/RHP, P, Wichita State
10) Detroit – Cameron Maybin, R/R, CF, TC Roberson (NC)
11) Pittsburgh – Andrew McCutcheon, R/R, CF, Fort Meade (FL)
12) Cincinnati – Jay Bruce, L/L, CF, Westbrook (TX)
13) Baltimore – Brandon Snyder, R/R, C, Westfield (VA)
14) Cleveland – Trevor Crowe, S/R, CF, Arizona
15) White Sox – Lance Broadway, R/RHP, TCU
16) Florida – Christopher Volstad, R/RHP, Palm Beach Gardens (FL)
17) Yankees – Carl Henry, R/R, SS, Putnam City (OK)
18) San Diego – Cesar Carillo, R/RHP, University Of Miami

19) Texas – John Mayberry Jr. (above), R/R, RF, Stanford
20) Cubs – Mark Pawelek, L/LHP, Springville (UT)
21) Oakland – Cliff Pennington, S/R, SS, Texas A&M
22) Florida – Aaron Thompson , L/LHP, Second Baptist (TX)
23) Boston – Jacob Elsburty, L/L, CF, Oregon State
24) Houston – Brian Bogusevic, L/LHP, Tulane
25) Minnesota – Matthew Albirdrez-Garza, R/RHP, Fresno State
26) Boston – Craig Hansen, R/RHP, St. John’s
27) Atlanta – Joe Devine, R/RHP, NC State
28) St. Louis – Colby Rasmus, L/L, CF, Russell County (AL)
29) Tampa Bay – Jacob Marceaux, R/RHP, McNeese State
30) St. Louis – James Greene, R/R, SS, Georgia Tech

The last time the Yankees picked this high, they selected Derek Jeter in 1992. So much for any claims that the Mets would select Craig Hansen, though I’m not alone in thinking Pelfrey faced tougher hitting. Atlanta’s pick at 27, the Wolfpack closer Devine will only tempt speculation that they’re looking to fix their pen with youth rather than, uh, give the likes of Danny Graves another shot.