OK, this takes a bit of the shine off Nelson Figueroa’s 2nd quality outing of the spring. The New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin reports Mets SS Jose Reyes has a Monday appointment at the Hospital for Special Surgery to check on a just-discovered thyroid imbalance. It’s shocking stuff — who thought the Mets could discover anything wrong with Reyes besides his hamstrings?

The potential thyroid hyperactivity was flagged when results of a blood test Reyes took at the start of camp were analyzed, the shortstop said. Reyes went for a second blood test on Thursday, and local doctors cleared him to resume playing. But with Reyes prepared to go to the field with teammates to stretch before Friday’s game against the Marlins, trainer Ray Ramirez stopped the shortstop and informed him that the team’s New York doctors wanted to exam him before he continued baseball activities.

“I was already walking out to stretch and Ray called me and said, ‘Oh no, man, I don’t think you’re going to play today. I think you’re going to go to New York,'” Reyes said. “I feel good. ¦ I feel the same. My energy level is there. (Thursday) the doctor said I was going to be able to play. But I think they sent the tests to the guy in New York, to the doctor, and he said, ‘No, we have to check him again and see what’s going on.’ If I get on the field it can be dangerous for me. I have to be concerned about it and find out what’s going on.

“We’re not talking about my leg. Nothing like that. We’re talking about my health. That’s even worse. So I have to be concerned about it.”