Sometime between the first popped cork and Charlie Manuel’s potential entry into a wet t-shirt contest, Phillies president Dave Montgomery changed his story.

The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Manuel is in the final year of his contract. General manager Pat Gillick has been noncommittal about Manuel’s job status all season.

“That’s Mr. Gillick’s decision,” Montgomery said. “I think we are all very appreciative of the job that Charlie’s done, and we’ve let him know that, and we’ll move forward from there. Let’s focus on Wednesday’s game.”

The Philadelphia Daily News:

Manuel spent the season in the last year of his contract, leading a staff of lame-duck coaches. Now, it will be Manuel’s choice whether he comes back, and which coaches he brings.

“We’ve let Charlie know that already,” team president David Montgomery said yesterday.

Let me say with all sincerity that I feel very little joy at the Mets’ flop, which actually does take some of the fun out of it. I have yet to send a single gloating e-mail to my NY friends, which certainly would not have been the case if this had just been an old-fashioned pennant race. Would have liked to see them get the wild card too.

That said, if anyone happens to have Billy Wagner’s e-mail I’d be happy to make fun of him. (Actually, I kind of like him for it, but has the guy ever ended a season anywhere without talking shit?)