I suppose it was too good to be trueNewsday’s David Lennon has the fateful press release.

David Wright and the New York Mets have no affiliation or association whatsoever with the event entitled ‘Salvation Miracles Revival Crusade,™ and neither approve of nor endorse the event. The recent TV ad about the event was produced without authorization or approvals through an abuse of a media-newsgathering credential.

David wants to express the following: ˜I believed that I was accommodating an agency which had been authorized by the Mets. One of the greatest things about playing and living in New York is the diversity of its people and the diversity of our fans. Religion is purely a private matter and I would never endorse one religion over another. For anyone who was offended by the commercial please accept my sincere apology.™

The Mets did not and would not endorse any such event or allow their logos and trademarks be used in such a fashion. The TV spots have been pulled and will not air again. We apologize for any problems or confusion that may have been caused by this unauthorized action.

With that in mind, I can report there is no truth to the rumor that David Wright has asked us to link to the above video of Th’ Faith Healers, as seen at the Mercury Lounge last March.