6-time AL All-Star C Sandy Alomar Jr., 40, has signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets. Things worked out so well for the Mets and Sandy’s brother Roberto, this was obviously a no-brainer.

If you’re eager to hear Jose Reyes’ reggaeton debut (and who isn’t), check out “ENCEN” at Ricky Cash’s MySpace page (link courtesy Hot Foot).  Jose and Ricky have another collaboration called “La Rompe Discoteca”, which roughly translated means “Smash The Fuck Out Of Al Leiter’s Boombox (Pt. I)”.

The New York Daily News’ Mark Feisand quotes Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada as saying perhaps Bernie Williams ought not to accept the Yankees’ spring training invite. Meanwhile, ESPN and the AP have A-Rod musing that perhaps his BFF status with Derek Jeter has “cooled”.  Wow, you think so?

Sidney Ponson doesn’t want to tell LaVelle Neal his weight. Orlando Hernandez was less than forthcoming with Bill Madden about his age.  No one is asking Kenny Rogers about his IQ, though the Gambler insists he’s not troubled by new rules concerning ball scuffing.