Slam’s Lang Whittaker atteneded a media breakfast with NBA Commissioner David Stern yesterday and came away with the following tidbit :

Stern mentioned the League had meetings this weekend with Myspace, Facebook, Second Life and YouTube, and that the League is close to finalizing an œexperimental, experiential relationship with all of them.

Seems like a good idea, particularly as one prominent member of the league’s most glittering franchise is having a tough time making pals :

Dime magazine helpfully reports the Knicks’ Jerome James was spotted at the Rio Hotel’s $25 buffet yesterday. I was going to say something about how ridiculous it was for James to be attending All-Star Weekend, but then realized that perhaps he was just in Vegas for the food.

I have a funny feeling this particular clip wasn’t the highlight of Eddie Jordan’s weekend.

Someone really ought to point out to Sam Smith that a) real swingers don’t bother with underwear and b) there’s worse places to blog from than the basement.

Until John Amaechi makes his Hard Wood debut, The Onion’s take on the fanfare surrounding his recent announcment will have to tide us over.