(about as close as you’re gonna get to seeing this guy in Mets colors while in his prime)

On Monday, it was revealed the Washington Nationals will somehow attempt to contend in the National League East next season with a starting rotation of Steven Strasburg, Max Scherzer, Gio Gonzalez, Doug Fister and Jordan Zimmerman. Of the astonishing disparity between Matt Williams’ arsenal and Terry Collins’ allegedly major market ballclub, Metsradamus writes, “there are many ways to put together a baseball team. The Atlanta Braves are rebuilding. The Washington Nationals are reloading. And the Mets patched a couple of holes with plaster in hopes of nobody knowing the difference.”

It’s silly to think that the Mets should go all Padres on everybody just because I or anybody else is frustrated … especially if everybody’s first line in trade talks to Sandy Alderson is “Syndergaard”. (We do have other players … rest of league.) But to see the rich get richer while the Mets get an old outfielder and a fifth outfielder and essentially tell the world “we’re good” in November is frustrating. Maybe in some weird way the Nationals signing Scherzer will spawn the argument that is basically “see, it’s pointless to go after the division because the Nationals are going to win it easily now, so let’s just be happy to have improved enough to enter a death struggle for the second wild card.” And that is when I’ll put my head through the wall. Maybe I’ll do that anyway.