ESPN NY afternoon host Michael Kay is apparently under the misconception his program is now being simulcast on the YES Network because the cable network prefers his brand of sports chatter to that of WFAN’s Mike Francesa. Either that, or he chose his YES simulcast debut as an opportunity to prove that when it comes to mocking Francesa, he’s not nearly as funny as shit you can find on YouTube.  From Newsday’s Neil Best :

Shortly after going on the air at 3 p.m., Kay dumped a plastic bottle of Diet Coke – Francesa’s longtime beverage of choice – into a garbage can held by his partner, Don LaGreca.

The gag was executed wordlessly, but the reference to Francesa was clear.

When asked later by Newsday what he thought of the gesture, Francesa called it, a “classless, loser move from two guys I have been burying in the ratings for over a decade.”

Shortly after Kay’s simulcast began at 3 p.m., Francesa said on the air, “We’re no longer on YES. That’s YES’ problem, not mine.”