The Knicks’ Stephon Marbury, Larry Brown and Isiah Thomas gave their exit interviews yesterday, and all 3 pledged their undying love for each other.

Well, not quite, but it was a heck of a performance, one that didn’t come close to fulfilling Marbury’s promise of a post-season outburst. So, business as usual, then.

Newsday’s Jon Heyman took it all in.

The impeccably tailored, love-’em-and-leave-’em slickster and the smiling, pretty-faced impostor suggested they’re on the same page. And yet, we know the unvarnished truth is a commodity to be delivered sparingly on Diamond Jim Dolan’s Happy Knicks.

The great goal is not to reveal oneself, beyond that hideous .280 percentage, that is. Along those lines, the smiling, pretty-faced impostor admitted he abhorred the “conflict and confrontation” between the tattooed egomaniac perennial non-winner and the impeccably tailored, love-’em-and-leave-’em slickster (although Isiah Thomas used their given names, Stephon Marbury and Larry Brown). That’s too bad, because the sniping between Brown and Marbury are all we have for the highlight reel.

The one saving grace is that Brown didn’t sound quite as regretful as one might imagine after being aired out by the boss, perhaps the result of the 40 extra large (million) he still has coming to him whether he stays or goes.

Anyway, the most important thing in Diamond Jimbo’s strange world of sports is not winning but merely sticking to the smiling script, something Marv Albert and other seasoned pros learned when they veered from happy babble. Thankfully, Brown has his own script, and – no surprise – Knicks bosses supposedly have been apoplectic over his dead-on comments regarding the tattooed egomaniac non-winner’s predilection for, well, losing.

The smiling, pretty-faced impostor revealed that he privately told the tattooed egomaniac non-winner and the impeccably tailored, love-’em-and-leave-’em slickster that they needed to curtail their feud, or at least pretend it didn’t exist.

The Daily News’ Bob Raissman puts the screws to Madison Square Garden TV and their cowardly coverage of the Knicks throughout the season.

On MSG’s “Knicks Tailgate” show when alleged host Brandon Tierney said: “Let’s get out some trophies and hand out some awards here.” Suggesting anyone on the Knicks is deserving of any award, even a fictitious one, is insulting and could only be pushed by the shills at MSG.

That said, the idea of some Knick player getting an award is pretty darn funny. Almost as funny, and ridiculous, as Mike Breen, the TV voice of the Knicks, propping up Eddy Curry.

On Monday (Bobcats-Knicks) Breen (above) was hyping Curry’s “skill,” and downplaying the fact that the Knicks gave the Bulls what likely will be a prime draft pick in return for Curry. Breen said: “There’s not a single player in college basketball who is as good as Curry is now.” That point is dubious. And highly debatable, too. Bulls suits gave up on Curry because they said he had a heart problem.

They were right. He doesn’t play with any.

Breen’s take on Curry is strikingly similar to the one issued, over and over again, by Knicks management. At this point it cannot be proven. Breen also failed to mention that next season, the Bulls, as part of the Curry trade, can swap first-round picks with the Knicks.

And I’m sure in 2006-07, when the Knicks are in the toilet again, Breen, quoting from The Book of Isiah, will claim there is not “a single player in college basketball” who can compare to Curry.