(memo to all Long Island hospitals and CVS employees : the man on the left is Mike Cameron)

From Newsday’s Michael Frazier :

It seemed improbable that New York Mets outfielder Mike Cameron would roll up to various hospitals in a borrowed white limousine, seeking painkillers. And sure enough, Nassau police said Friday they arrested a Freeport man and accused him of using the outfielder’s highly publicized season-ending injury to score drugs.

Police arrested Michael Davis, 35, of 156 Washburn Ave. Wednesday on a charge of second-degree identity theft. He is being held on a $50,000 bond at the Nassau jail and is scheduled to appear in Nassau County Court Monday

Davis also dropped Cameron’s name to arrange limousines, stay at upscale hotels and lure women, police said. “The guy really went all out,” Det. Dave Lesko of the Sixth Squad said. “It’s really strange that people would believe this much without seeing some proof or identification.”

Acting as Cameron, Davis persuaded a Connecticut car dealer to let him borrow a car on a promise of future purchases. He also signed autographs as part of the role.

Cameron’s season ended Aug. 11 when he collided with Carlos Beltran while both dived for a fly ball in a game at San Diego. He suffered multiple facial fractures, but should be ready to play next season.

Cashing in on the well-publicized injury, Davis made special arrangements for hospital visits, police said.

First, he called the hospital and acted as if he was a Mets official, telling the staff that Cameron was coming in and to “not make a big deal,” Lesko said. Davis then had a white limo drop him off at the hospital, Lesko said.”

There’s no truth to the rumor that once informed of the ruse, Omar Minaya attempted to trade Davis to the Yankees in exchange for someone who can impersonate Gary Sheffield.