“In this profession, this business, you do what you gotta do. If there’s a couple guys running around our stadium here that could cover (Tech receiver Michael) Crabtree, we would invite them to come down.”  So grunted Kansas head coach Mike Mangino of the possibility Saturday’s visit from Texas Tech will feature a halftime field goal contest winner as the Red Raiders’ new kicker.  From KBTX’s Joe Brown :

Matt Williams, who recently transferred to Tech from Tarleton State, was picked to take part in a kicking contest during a Tech game a few weeks ago. First prize was a month’s free rent, which Williams won by successfully booting a 30-yard field goal.

As Williams was walking back to his seat in the stands, he was flagged down. “They relayed a message to me saying that Coach (Mike) Leach (above) wanted to talk to me,” said Williams.

After the meeting, the two parted ways, but Leach didn’t forget Williams. And with the team’s recent kicking woes — two kickers missing six extra points and half of their field goal attempts — the coach is seriously considering suiting up Williams for Saturday’s game against No. 18 Kansas.

Having already gone through two kickers – who have combined to miss six PATs and half of their field-goal attempts – the sixth-ranked Red Raiders are now seriously considering giving Matt Williams a shot against No. 18 Kansas this weekend.

“He’s got a real good shot,” said Assistant Coach Clay McGuire. “Only Mike Leach could bring a guy out of the stands and make it work.”

Only Mike Leach? Man, how soon they forget Steve Aponavicius.