Who amongst us wouldn’t gladly pay $100 or more for a copy of Pavement’s 1990 Drag City 7″ EP ‘Demolition Plot J-7″?  Well, anyone other than people with families and real bills to pay.  Through the auspices of Tim Cook, we’re directed to an eBay auction for said vinyl masterpiece…currently up for bids in what the seller responsibly details as something less than mint condition.

Been hanging onto this one (double wrapped in plastic and sealed in a box in the closet) for a long, long time.

The vinyl is in perfect, playable condition.

The cover…another story. Used to store my 7″ records in open boxes on the floor back in the late 80s-early 90s. Had a cat at the time that, in his increasing senility, eschewed the litter box one afternoon in favor of the record box. Unfortunately this very rare Pavement EP fell victim to the Urination Plot F-9 and the odor today is as strong and distinctly feline in origin as it was the day I pulled the record, dripping, from the box. The yellow stain affecting primarily the bottom half of the cover, as well as the liner notes, is perhaps a darker yellow today than it was in 1991.

In desperation I attempted to clean the paper cover with a damp, soapy sponge (what the hell?!), followed by disinfectant, followed by a later dousing with Nature’s Miracle or similar product, which resulted in one 1/2″ tear and several approximate tears to the front. In addition, the front image is rubbed-out in two places. The back cover is not without its own problems.

So sorry. But if you’re a fan of both rare Pavement AND all things feline, this one’s for you!!

(I can supply a pic of the responsible cat, now deceased, upon request.)