(not only am I certain the other Carlos D. would find talk of a “slumpbuster” rather immature, it also sounds vaguely like an item on the Dairy Queen menu)

Much as I’d prefer to be proving thoughtful commentary on the Mets’ 4-1 win over the Dodgers (has to be a first time for everything, right?), I’m sorry to say I simply gave up after a day of international travel. With the 5 hour time difference and serious jetlag messing with my head, I passed out somewhere between the Yankees humbling Josh Becket and the Hurricanes’ wild comeback over the Oilers. When I woke up, matters at Chavez Ravine were comfortably in hand, and I’d snored through Jose Reyes’ leadoff HR and Carlos Delgado’s 2-run roundtripper (above).

When I finally emerged from my all-too-brief coma, I was saddened to learn that Lastings Milledge’s overzealous celebration of his first big league HR from the prior afternoon was still being debated. Milledge gave his version of events to the New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin, and the latter’s colleague, Bob Raissman, took issue with Keith Hernandez’ failure to comment on the matter, while praising WFAN’s Ed Coleman for doing otherwise.

When the commercial break ended, there was a window to address the matter (Ch. 11’s director even popped up a closeup of Milledge in the dugout) but Hernandez still would not comment on Milledge’s premature celebration. Nor did Rose ask him what he thought about it.

Instead, the subject turned to the 1986 Mets’ ability to produce come-from-behind wins.

Judging by Hernandez’s recent words, his silence was curious. Maybe he did not see anything wrong with Milledge’s show of “exuberance.” Or maybe he did not want to needlessly incur the whining of certain Mets suits who are sensitive when it comes to anyone in the media casting aspersions on Milledge.

Or even referencing the fact he comes with baggage.

Anyway, on the WFAN radio side, a mind reader was not necessary to know the feelings coming out of the broadcast booth. Tom McCarthy was going gaga, positively enthralled by Milledge’s solo parade. Ed Coleman? Well, he injected some much-needed insight and reality into the equation.

“It looked nice from up here, but I’m sure a lot of veterans will be talking to him (Milledge) about it,” Coleman said. “They will tell him there’s a time and place for that, but not in the middle of the game.”

Considering how Willie Randolph and Cliff Floyd reacted after the Mets’ 7-6 loss, Coleman knew what he was talking about. He also, in the 11th, reported that despite Milledge’s love-in, the Mets had not yet won the game.

On Sunday, Coleman was the only Mets broadcaster to recognize that fact.

MLB.com’s Mark Newman notes the fascinating coincidence that has the Devil Rays hosting the Angels on 6/6/06.

All-Star candidate Scott Kazmir is on the mound for the home team against Ervin Santana, whose last name has some interesting anagram possibilities.

Yes, like “avant rain sen.”

At the Trop this evening, Vlad Guerrero has an RBI single, while Carl Crawford has scored on a Santana wild pitch, as the Angels and Devil Rays are tied at 1 after 1 1/2.

Continuing on the demonic theme, Catfish Stew’s Ken Arneson makes the following observation regarding Oakland’s Draft Day Afternoon.

The A’s didn’t choose until the 66th pick in 6/6/06 MLB draft. That’s a lot of sixes. The A’s chose Trevor Cahill, a converted shortstop, who has a commitment to Dartmouth. Is it a sign of the apocalypse that their first pick was a high school pitcher? To me, the interesting thing to me about this pick is not that he’s a high schooler, but that he might be tough to sign. Which may not be a sign of the end of the world, but another sign (giving up a first round pick to sign Esteban Loaiza being the first) that the A’s think this year’s draft is terrible. If we’re gonna spend $X on a player, let’s pick one we think is worth $X, even if we don’t get him.

With their third round pick, the A’s picked Matthew Sulentic, a high school outfielder. He’s small (5’10”, 170), but may have had the best hitting stats of any high school player in the country (.600+ BA, 20+ homeruns).

Houston placed P Roy Oswalt on the 15 day DL
due to continued back strain. P Phillip Barzilla (above) was promoted from Round Rock, and depending on the speed of Oswalt’s recovery, there’s an outside chance the latter could take the hill for the Express during the same homestand as Roger Clemens.