Milwaukee 6, Mets 5

In a couple of years, the likes of Richie Weeks and Prince Fielder could well be destroying National League pitching on a daily basis. Hopefully by that time, I’ll have moved on to blogging about something really important, like other people’s musical tastes as some kind of racial litmus test. Until then, however, we’re facing the ghastly reality of the Mets bullpen entering a decidedly mediocre phase, along with the batting order’s alarming inability to take full advantage of opposition mistakes (and Doug Davis made plenty of ’em early on Sunday).

While Pedro Martinez struck out 10 in 7 innings, he also surrendered home runs to Richie Weeks and the ridiculously hot Damian Miller. If you’re keeping track, Pedro has allowed 8 HR’s so far in ’06. At this rate, he’ll catch R.A. Dickey by July.

Other autopsies from clear-thinkers :

While we sing woe is me over the 4th and 5th spot in the pitching rotation, the Mets offense is leaving runner in scoring position by the boat load. This inability to get a clutch hit by anyone not named Delgado, it’s putting a very big strain on the bullpen as the relievers have no cushion for error when they get in a game. Today the Mets batters went 3 for 16 with runners in scoring position in another loss and another losing series. – Steve Keane, The Eddie Kranepool Society

When is Willie going to pull his head out of his arse and abandon this childish worship of the stupid rule of not putting your closer in the game on the road unless you’ve got the lead?

Today’s was the SECOND game, the first being the opening game in Philly a few days ago, when the Mets had less than their best on the mound at the end of the game and paid for it.

The game is on the line, dickhead. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the lead, if you don’t hold the opposition, you won’t get another turn at bat anyway. – Jaap, Archie Bunker’s Army

Call me a pessimist, but with St. Louis and the Andy Phillipses in our next two series, the Mets could be looking at a record resembling .500 next weekend.Crosstown Rivals

All the talk about Turnbow being a Milwaukee celebrity is so much nonsense. Many more of these blown save opportunities and I guarantee you the fans will start to treat him like he was a communist at a VFW picnic. Has the league caught up to Turnbow? Hard to say. It could be that he’s overthrowing, thus leaving too many balls up in the kill zone.Four Blocks To Miller Park

Early April aside, it’s become painfully clear that the annoying phrase “sophmore slump” will not apply to Philadelphia’s Ryan Howard.  Howard hit a game tying pinch-hit HR in the top of the 8th and followed with another blast in the visitors’ 12th, as the Phillies beat the Reds, 2-1.  Charlie Manuel’s charges have now won 13 out of their last 14 and trail the Mets by just one game.  That said, I still prefer the recordings of Charlie’s late brother Richard.

(the Unit celebrates Overpaid Motherfuckers Day in the Bronx by serving ’em up to Mark Kotsay and Jay Payton)

Of course, it helps to put crushing disappointment into some sort of perspective. At least the Mets aren’t paying Randy Johnson $16 million dollars. And turning to Scott Erickson out of sheer desperation is soooo 2004.

The no-doubt player of the game was Danny Haren, who pitched an undeniable gem of a game. He was in control from beginning to end, he had the Yankees hitters flailing wildly, and then swinging early and often, just to get a pitch to hit. He looked every bit the part of an ace pitcher and in doing so, he almost single-handedly led our broken and battered team to a much needed win.Athletics Nation

Reading, never mind quoting Mike Lupica is a miserable exercise. But I’m torn between deciding if the following is a sickening example of knee-jerk Yankee worship or one of the more gratuitous examples of Bonds bashing to date. Probably the latter. Hideki Matsui’s public apology over suffering an unintentional injury has the Daily News’ Lupica reaching for the kleenex.

In a sports culture that becomes less civil by the day, Matsui, from another country, brings dignity from another time. In that way, our left fielder is the opposite of the one in San Francisco.

Lupica’s colleague, Adam Rubin, penned a compelling summary of the Mets’ minor league scene in his Daily News-hosted blog. Rubin’s report appeared prior to Mike Pelfrey’s rough showing against Altoona Sunday afternoon.

The Catbird In The Nosebleed Seats’ Jeff Kallman reports the A’s have re-acquired Steve “Yes, I’m Still Alive” Karsay from the Indians for a sum of money that is probably higher than your monthly rent, but surprisingly low to purchase a human being.