And make no mistake, hitting leadoff or 3rd for the New York Mets would qualify as exertion in the eyes of most medical professions, even the short-sighted quacks employed by Flushing’s National League entry. After initial tests indicated New York SS Jose Reyes’ thyroid condition was benign enough that he could rejoin the club sometime this week, Mets GM Omar Minaya instead described a far more serious situation with reporters prior to an exhibition game with Boston earlier today.  From the New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin :

Follow-up tests at the Hospital For Special Surgery showed Reyes’ thyroid levels spiked upward again once he did controlled exercise on Monday and Tuesday.

“He was very disappointed because the initial results said that he could possibly be back in a matter of days,” agent Peter Greenberg said. “We’re guilty of speaking a little bit too soon, unfortunately.”

GM Omar Minaya and agent Greenberg indicated that Reyes’ thyroid levels will be tested weekly, and he’ll be cleared to resume physical activity once those normalize. That could take as long as two months, however. Reyes will remain in New York and should be absent several weeks beyond when the thyroid normalizes because he will need to get back into playing shape.

Adding to the complexity is that Reyes is returning from a torn hamstring and surgery to repair a severed hamstring tendon.

“But it’s a completely curable, treatable situation,” Greenberg said about the hyperthyroidism. “I think we all view it as good news. He’s supposed to rest and watch his diet. He’s not supposed to do anything that is going to raise the heart level, so that the irritation can go down.”

All of which means Alex Cora is likely to get drafted a few more times in NL-only leagues. And Jerry Manuel is likely to be catching up with “The Price Is Right” before the All-Star Break.