(if you dressed like this, even Jeff Dahmer wouldn’t invite you back to his place)

The AHL’s Milwaukee Admirals wore plaid for last night’s clash with the Manitoba Moose (pic swiped from Sidearm Delivery). I once owned a Moose jersey, so I can vouch for the Admirals not having the ugliest sweaters in the world, let alone the building.

The Admirals are giving away Ben Sheets bobbleheads on March 10. Sheets, Regis Philbin’s least favorite Milwaukee Brewer, is an investor in the club.

(beating Canada is great, but you should see how these guys reacted when they learned the Director’s Cut of “American Anthem” was coming out)

Though a responsible, globally thoughtful blog would keep you abreast of today’s Olympic hockey action (ie. Canada, USA and the Czech Republic all losing, Jaromir Jagr’s scary head injury making every New York Rangers fan adopt a Gumbel-esque “fuck the Olympics” stance), much like JFA, I’m all about the blatant localism. Not only have Austin’s CHL Ice Bats turned their season around (riding Miguel Beaudry’s brilliant goaltending in moving from last to second in the Southeast Division), but the club announced earlier in the week they’ll be moving to cozier confines next season. Forsaking the cavernous (and kinda out-of-the-way) Travis County Exposition Center, the Ice Bats will resume play next Autumn at I-35’s Chapparal Ice Center. While moving from a bona fide (rodeo) Arena to a suburban ice rink might seem like a step backwards for the franchise, 900-1100 paid at Chapparel will seem like a hot crowd.