Never mind the likely perjury indictment for the Rocket ; when’s Rusty Hardin gonna get disbarred?

According to Emery, the photos in question have been turned over to federal investigators and Congress. Brian McNamee’s attorney Richard Emery told The News that McNamee’s lawyers, including Earl Ward, were called by the father of the boy in the photo following the Feb. 13 hearing in which Clemens faced off against McNamee. The boy was about 11 at the time the photo was taken.

The father of the boy informed McNamee’s lawyers that he was frustrated by the attacks on McNamee, particularly those of committee member Dan Burton (R-Ind.), who repeatedly called McNamee a liar. The man told the lawyers about the photo of his son, and also that he had contacted Hardin before the hearing.

“I find it interesting that it was offered to Hardin on Feb. 12 – and he walked away from it, probably because he didn’t want any contradictory evidence that showed Clemens was at the party,” Emery said.

The above excerpt from today’s New York Daily News follows a Clemens quote from February 13 in which admitted that he might’ve “dropped my wife or her brother-in-law” off at the Canseco bash. Even Wayne Gretzky thinks Debbie Clemens is being hung out to dry.