Texas 56, Missouri 31

If you missed this one, trust me, the above scoreline flatters the no. 11 Tigers. The game was effectively over after a Chase Daniel TD pass to Damario Alexander on 4th and 5 with 4:33 left in the first half was nullified — replays conclusively showed Alexander failed to land a foot inbounds. Following the turnover on downs, the Longhorns launched a 9 play, 92 yard yard drive —- their 3rd successful offensive series of more than 80 yards that half — culminating in a Colt McCoy strike to Jordan Shipley that made the score 35-0.  While Daniel found some semblance of his rhythm in the 2nd half, the damage was already done — McCoy’s eviseration of the Missouri defense was nothing short of clinical.   Not only did the Texas junior (29 of 32, 335 yards in the air) have ample protection most of the night —- and no shortage of weapons to choose from — but 6 different UT players combined for 205 yards rushing, 66 of ’em from breakout star-in-the-making Chris Ogbonnaya (2 TD’s).  Even when McCoy faltered, things had an uncanny way of working out. Recovering his own fumble and finding a receiver downfield?  Biz as usual.  But throwing a goal line bomb to Michael Williams — after standing flat footed in the pocket for what seemed like an eternity?  Williams came down with the jump ball despite double coverage, a remarkable catch…on a pass that had INT written all over it.

In conclusion (ie. I wanna see the end of the Red Sox/Rays game), once again, I have proven I know less about college football than Sen. Obama’s opponents know about Samuel Wurzelbacher.  A week ago, I suggested the Longhorns secondary would have great difficult with Daniel. In fact, he was trailing by 4 touchdowns before he could move his team down field. At one point, the Longhorns’ total first half offense totalled 287 yards to the Tigers’ 22.  Texas played their most complete half of football this year to start the contest, a display so overwhelming that multiple patrons could only mutter, “I wonder what Oklahoma State will be thinking.”

I suspect they’ll still show up.  But if Mike Gundy phones in a bomb scare next Friday, I can’t really blame him.