Mets OF Lastings Milledge has been hit with a 3 game suspension for last night’s blowup with home plate umpire Jim Joyce. While Da Edge is hitting 8th tonight against the Fish and fellow anger management specialist Scott Olson, Milledge’s punishment marks the 2nd time in too recent memory one of Willie Randolph’s players has put their eligibility at risk (and that’s not even counting all the times Captain Red Ass should’ve been busted, either for screaming at arbiters or shaving his ugly head).

To paraphrase that ultimate gamer (you know, like last night) Country Time, “know your place, 2nd-year player.” That place, of course, being on-the-field.

Your unintentional comedy moment of the week comes from the Denver Post’s Woody Paige, whom while stumping for the MVP candidacy of Colorado’s Matt Holiday, insists “Wright, the Mets’ third baseman, has been the favorite, although he isn’t the MVP on his own team. Reyes, the shortstop, is.”

Not to pile on Jose, but clearly Woody hasn’t been watching many Mets games over the past month.