The following message from David Scheid arrived early this morning, though there’s a good chance it was originally earmarked for David Horowitz’ “Fight Back”.

i know, i am not putting a ton of thought into my little bro’s christmas gift. i mean, it’s obvious. so i was counting on the mlb to have my back. so i went to and (after getting side tracked by a hard hitting story about jensen lewis’ holiday plans and christmases past (he beat sonic the hedgehog in one day and his fave christmas song is by mariah carey)) started the process of buying my sib a $100 CLEVELAND INDIANS gift card.  there is an option to gift wrap it. i don’t know what they would do to a card but i figure i missed his birthday this year (and every year since i was like 17) so i would splurge for him.

well, i can only say that hear i am 12:40 AM on christmas morning and i am shocked, sickened and appalled (and i don’t even drink or check out online porno anymore)!

my options are:
chicago cubs
New york mets
saint louis cardinals (straight up gross).

dude. wtf?

Indeed, dude.  WTF, indeed.   Surely there’s several cases of Chief Wahoo wrapping paper in the warehouse?