This is exactly the sort of behavior Robert Kraft deplores. Unless he finds a way to get a piece of the action.  From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Jeff Whelan.

No sooner had the Gatorade on coach Tom Coughlin begun to dry off when some Giants ticket holders rushed for their computers: More than 200 of them put tickets for the Patriots game up for auction on eBay within 24 hours of the Giants’ 38-21 victory over the Bills.

One sales pitch urged potential buyers to “BE A PART OF HISTORY!” Others offered parking passes — something almost as valuable as a ticket to the game at Giants Stadium this year.

And it wasn’t just eBay. There were also 3,000 tickets up for auction yesterday afternoon on StubHub, a similar online auction site which specializes in tickets.

Buyers — many of them from Massachusetts — have been willing to shell out up to $1,600 a piece for a chance to see Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his teammates take a shot at the history books, according to Joellen Ferrer, a StubHub spokeswoman. One wildly optimistic Giants fan listed an asking price of $210,000 for a pair of tickets.

“It looks like it’s on pace to be one of our top 25 events of all time. It’s definitely one of our hot sellers,” said Ferrer, of StubHub, a 7-year-old company. “Although it’s meaningless to the Giants, it’s still going to be a great game to watch.”

The Giants season-ticket base is known to be older and more family-oriented, making a “meaningless” Saturday night game in late December less appealing to attend. And Patriot fans are just a few hours north, a short enough drive to keep a thermos full of New England clam chowder warm for a tailgate party.

Yes indeed, I imagine there will be copious of amounts of “chowder” brought to East Rutherford that evening.