(Schrieber. “Coffee, tea, or don’t fuck with me.”)

From the Rocky Mountain News’ Hector Gutierrez.

Federal and local authorities detained umpire Paul W. Schrieber, 38, and questioned him at Denver International Airport on Sunday night after he and his umpiring crew arrived on an American Airlines flight.

Although a police report did not disclose the nature of the alleged altercation, sources familiar with the incident said it apparently involved alcohol.

Billy Sanez, American Airlines spokesman in Dallas, also said he could not disclose the identity of the passenger involved in the alleged dispute with the flight attendant.

However, Sanez said the passenger allegedly verbally and physically assaulted the flight attendant during the flight.

Sources said the flight attendant accused Schrieber of hitting her in the stomach. The alleged confrontation appeared to have been brief, and Schrieber returned to his seat.

After reviewing the situation on board, the American Airlines pilot decided to radio authorities at DIA to report the incident and alert Denver police, who then waited for the plane to arrive, Sanez said.

I guess no one told the sky waitress that you’re not allowed argue (high)balls and strikes.