(when the NBA season began, casual fans circled their calendars, awaiting last night’s Kwame/Zoran battle)

After the Wizards squandered a chance last night to move into the 4th Eastern Conference playoff spot (improving the Nets’ prospects in the process), F Kwame Brown told the Washington Post’s Michael Lee that a home court advantage isn’t all that advantageous to him.

“I’ll play on the road any day of the week,” Brown said after scoring 14 points with eight rebounds. Then, he lashed out at the home fans who have booed him in recent games and intimated that they influenced Coach Eddie Jordan’s decision to sit him during the last homestand.

“It’s been like three games I’ve been ready to play, but the fans take it upon themselves to boo me when I miss shots,” said Brown, who finished 6 of 13 from the field. “I missed [my first] two shots tonight. One was awful; it hit the other side of the rim. If we would’ve been in D.C., they would’ve booed; I would’ve been on the bench. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Booing me? Is that going to help out there? That gives the coach the mind-set that [the fans] can control when I play and when I don’t.”

Brown then laughed and said, “I like playing on the road.”