Yuck, yuck.

If only the Atlanta Braves had something in their history that was worth making light of in a homemade video.  For instance, footage of the domestic violence counseling sessions for Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Cox, John Rocker beaning Will Leitch, Bob Horner trying to order a triple bacon cheeseburger in Japanese, Ted Turner doing the tomahawk chop, Andy Messersmith with “Channel” on his jersey nameplate, a lineup card with Raul Mondesi and Brian Jordan as starting outfielders (in the year 2005), Mark Wohlers throwing a ball over 7 feet over the backstop, David Justice promising the police he’ll never pick up a hitchhiker again…but alas, all of the above are just terrible rumors I’ve invented.

So I guess this mythical video auteur will just have to settle for something readily available. Like, tapes of the Braves choking in the post-season.