What kind of training facilities do they have in minimum security prisons?  Presumably, Roger Clemens is gonna want to stay in shape next spring, perhaps for a baseball-themed take on “The Longest Yard”. At least one CSTB readers has claimed there’s a strong resemblance between Radomski and Ian MacKaye, and while I don’t see it myself, the former might want to consider some sort of impersonation scam if things get really tight. Surely a speaking tour of small colleges would be more lucrative than waiting for a call from Bob Ley or Mike Wallace.

Far more surprising than the NY Post‘s claim that no Yankees besides A-Rod attended the Third Baseman’s post-ASG bash at 40/40 last night is the same paper’s report that Paul Rudd and Joba Chamberlain were seen enjoying “a midnight performance by 50 Cent.” I didn’t even know they were dating.

That Yankee fans chose to boo the fuck out of Kevin Youkilis, David Wright, Billy Wagner, Dustin Pedroia and Terry Francona last night was hardly a surprise. That Bill Mazeroski was the object of loud jeers, however, is pretty impressive. That’s one sick 48 year grudge.