Over at the finest blog ever named after a Germs song, Mediablitz’ John Molori comments on Ch. 38’s Steve Burton having the termerity to ask Patriots coach Bill Belichick a real question after New England’s Monday night win over the Jets.

(Belichick, wondering when TV-38 will cut everyone a break and put “Ask The Manager” back on the air)

After Belichick stated that Tedy Bruschi had tightness in his leg, Burton pressed on asking exactly what part of Bruschi™s leg was tight. Belichick typically dodged the question. Subsequently, Burton again questioned Belichick, politely asking why a key player like Bruschi is playing special teams in a game that was very much in hand.

A clearly agitated Belichick responded that the Patriots play to win. Burton™s questions were extremely valid and refreshing. In a region where the media largely falls at the feet of the three-time Super Bowl winning coach, Burton was direct and fearless.

In short, he did what no one else in the room had the guts to do. He took on one of the most intimidating and indomitable figures in New England sports history.

Later, Burton chased down Bruschi off the air and asked about his condition. According to Burton, Bruschi was walking with a noticeable limp and replied, œI™m fine. Burton asked again and Bruschi reiterated, œBurton, I™m fine. Kudos to Burton for flagging down Bruschi and getting an answer.

On Tuesday™s œBig Show on WEEI, œFifth Quarter cohost Steve DeOssie took issue with Burton™s line of questioning. DeOssie called Burton™s actions œmental masturbation and stated that he would never ask Belichick such questions because he already knows the answers. He also said that reporters who ask such questions are trying to show that they are tough guys.

DeOssie is, in my view, the best football commentator in the region, but in this case, he is out of line. You don™t have to be an ex-player to know that Belichick plays his starters longer than most coaches and that he values special teams as much as offense and defense.

We also know that he is never going to give any specifics on injuries. In fact, ABC™s Al Michaels had the line of the night when he said of Belichick™s injury silence, œIf you die, (the Patriots) list you as questionable.