(you should mentally prepare for the fuckin’ possibility that Nick Punto sucks)

Michael Imperioli attended the Yankees’ 8-0 demoliton of the Twins Tuesday, and graciously allowed the New York Times’ Jack Curry to intrude on his night out.

In the television movie œFor One More Day, Imperioli said, he will play a former major league catcher who wonders what it would be like to see his mother one more time. So Imperioli requested a meeting with Yankees catcher Jorge Posada.

œI like to get a lot of different information and different impressions, find out where their heads are at, Imperioli said. Then he shifted from actor to fan and added, œHe™s my favorite catcher.

Imperioli said he attended his first Yankees game on Mickey Mantle Day in 1969, when he was 3.

œIt™s one of my earliest memories, he said.

In the final season of œThe Sopranos, Christopher and Tony were involved in a car crash. A severely injured Christopher, who had been driving, told Tony that he would never pass a drug test and asked for help. Tony began to dial 911 but stopped. He covered Christopher™s nose and smothered him.

œTony Soprano would like to think that it was justified, Imperioli said. œBut it wasn™t.

Imperioli said the final episode of œThe Sopranos was œjust genius, and added that the dissection that occurred over the series™ ambiguous ending was brilliant.

While quoting part of a review he had read, Imperioli said: œ ˜Instead of Tony Soprano getting whacked, David Chase whacked the audience.™ I thought he gave it closure without tying things in a bow.”