Azra Shafi-Schelierini, former spiritual advisor to Jason Giambi, alleged Derek Jeter confidante and subject of one of the most discussed posts in recent CSTB history, has been serving time on Riker’s Island stemming from a grand larceny conviction since mid-summer, writes the New York Post’s Stephanie Cohen and Dan Mangan.

(photo : William Hauser, taken from New York

Tomorrow, Shafi-Schellierni is scheduled to be sentenced to more time after pleading guilty to drunken driving in Nassau County.

“She’s a pure con artist,” said George Giotsas, a Connecticut caterer who claims she bilked him out of $10,000 by ordering a huge barbecue spread to Yankee Stadium — even though she’d lied about working for the team.

In 1991, she befriended Met ex-pitcher and current announcer Ron Darling, and that led to work with other athletes. Darling called the former model “Nostradamus with a better body.”

Her circle of friends and clients include Derek Jeter and Britney Spears — and she’s even advised athletes to sit out games when she has intuited they’d be injured.

If Shafi-Schellierni really possesses such psychic abilities, shouldn’t Omar Minaya have at least considered her as a viable replacement for Tony Bernazard?