“Ellis comfortable with new wealth, responsibility” read a headline in the July 29 Contra Costa Times, as Warriors PG Monta Ellis celebrated his new 6-year, $66 milllion contract with reporter Marcus Thompson III.   Today, however, Thompson reports that Ellis has finally admitted to his employers that an ankle injury suffered late last month did not occur during a pickup basketball game.

It appears Monta has fessed up and told the Warriors what really happened with his ankle. A member of the organization told me Chris Mullin knows the truth – no, he wasn™t working out when he jacked up his ankle – and this thing is almost over.
No word yet about what is going to happen now. One agent told
me that the Warriors have to report this to the league or they could be liable. It stands to reason that they would report it to the league, because if Monta turns out to be ¦ not Monta, the Warriors could try to get their money back.

“It takes a certain level of maturity, even if a little late, to man up and correct your mistakes,” writes Thompson, and while I applaud those sentiments, I’ll be more impressed when Ellis admits to being the father of Bristol Palin’s baby. Or the mother of Trig Palin, take your pick.