You may have already seen the highlights of Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough dunking on 7’7″, 360 pound UNC-Asheville C Kenny George earlier tonight ; I’m here to tell you it’s not that big a deal. If George (above) had either left his feet or taken a charge, you’d be seeing highlights of Hansbrough being carried from the floor on a stretcher.

On the other end of the floor, it would be incorrect to say George “throws it down”. He’s nearly capable of dropping the ball through the hoop while standing on tip toes. And with mobility barely better than that of George Wallace, he does an awful lot of just that — standing still.

That’s not to say George oughta leave his feet very often — he’s a goaltending call waiting to happen. But if his stamina improves even slightly, his shot-blocking/altering ablities are such that he’ll be a high NBA pick either this June or the draft following. And with that, I’ve gone far out on a limb for the first and last time this Thursday morning with the mind-blowing prediction a 7’7″ baller has a professional future.