During MASN’s telecast of tonight’s Mets/Nationals game (the Mets are up, 4-1 in the top of the 6th), it was reported that Houston had designated OF Preston Wilson for assignment in order to create a roster spot for P Jason Hirsch (just promoted from Round Rock, and struggling tonight against San Diego).

Exclaimed Tom Paciorek, “Preston Wilson! He’s not having that bad a year!”

Wilson has an on base percentage of .309 this year — his worst since entering the big leagues. He’s struck out more than 4 times as often as he’s walked. He’s on pace for a career low in home runs (at least for seasons where he played more than 60 games).

If the Astros really needed a strikeout machine with limited pop in their outfield, they could’ve promoted Charlton Jimerson, and they wouldn’t have paid him $4 million.

Earlier, Paciorek wondered aloud, “whatever happened to Brian Bannister?”

Of course, the Nationals have been so amazing to watch this season, who can really blame Paciorek for his failure to keep abreast of other clubs’ goings-on?

The Griddle’s Bob Timmermann acknowledged Carlos Baerga’s retirement announcement yesterday.  On behalf of Mets fans everywhere, I’d like to wish Baerga all the best, though not nearly as much as I wish he’d retired in 1995.