(Willie asks Testy Tom if he’s heard the one about the pro gossip site that comes up short 5 days a week)

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Dave O’Brien.

Braves veterans weren’t laughing to keep from crying after Sunday’s 4-1 loss to the Mets and Tom Glavine, the exclamation mark on 4-6 trip in which no one was seriously injured but little else went well.

They were laughing at the rookies they made wear short dresses and fishnet stockings for the flight back to Atlanta. The hazing ritual is a rite of passage in most major league clubhouses.

“Obviously you’d prefer to do something like this after a win,” said pitcher Tim Hudson, as rookie Brian McCann walked past in a green wig and dress, and Jeff Francoeur slipped into a hot-dog costume, which Hudson borrowed from one of the rookie’s Francoeur’s Franks fan club members.

“But you can’t predict wins,” Hudson continued, “and we had this set up already for the rookies. They’re good sports. There’s going to be a bunch of drag queens coming through the ATL tonight.”

Keep laughing, Tim. While the likes of Deadspin think there’s something hil-fucking-arious about spreading rumors about Kyle Farnsworth, CSTB has received a far hotter tip about two members of an NL East pitching staff and a fun-filled encounter from this past Saturday night. Suffice to say there was no hot dog costume, though the experience might be characterized as a rite of passage.