Only one word comes to mind when describing Mike Mussina’s performance thus far tonight against the Mets ;


OK, it’s early. But if Mussina is going to groove one to Cliff Floyd, the only question is whether it leaves the ballpark a second after escaping Moose’s paw or hangs in the air longer than Brian Cashman shot out of a cannon.

(UPDATE : Mets 5, Yanks 2 through 5 innings. Perhaps I was a little harsh towards Mussina — Glavine would’ve allowed 7 or 8 runs by now and surely would’ve been chased. Carlos Beltran continues his ridiculous production in games started by Pedro, homering off Mussina in the 5th. If the Mets can just figure out a way to start Martinez on 2 days rest from here on in, there will be no further suggestions that Beltran isn’t earning his pay).