Like many other titans of the typewriter, the Bergen Record’s Bob Klapsich thinks the regular season Subway Series is all played out.

With eight-plus years of weariness on our shoulders, we slog to the doorstep of one more Subway Series. Haven’t we been here, done that? Indeed – 50 times since 1997, including the 2000 World Series. Yankees vs. Mets is old and tired, a plague upon any sane fan.

Deliverance is what we should be praying for. Let this be the last Subway Series until someday – it won’t be this year – these teams legitimately confront each other in October.

Until then, we’ve suffered enough. Here’s why the gimmickry must come to an end:

Because don’t you just know ESPN will prattle on about the Mike Piazza-Roger Clemens blood feud (which has long since expired) one more time? It’ll be used as state’s evidence that this rivalry is alive and well. We know better.

Because neither the Yankees nor the Mets are playing particularly well this week.

Because Joe Torre gets along better with Willie Randolph than he did with Bobby Valentine.

Because Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez won’t go head-to-head.

Because Tom Glavine (5.06 ERA) and Sean Henn (10.29) will.

Because Chien-Ming Wang, the Yankees’ best pitcher, will miss the series.

Because interleague play has run its course. It’s time to return the schedule to its old-school roots, where division rivals slug it out all summer. While the Mets and Yankees are having their one millionth reunion, fans around the country are being forced to witness Tigers-Diamondbacks, Blue Jays-Nationals and Royals-Rockies. We wonder if Bud Selig will be waiting up for those scores.

Because The Big Unit, who pitches Sunday, just ain’t what he used to be.

Because Carlos Beltran, a nice player, isn’t yet what the Mets thought he’d be.

Because Pedro, who starts tonight, isn’t as easy for Yankee fans to hate anymore. He might have been a jerk in a Red Sox uniform, easy to lump in with Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, but he’s a better person now that he’s a Met. We guarantee Pedro won’t headhunt.

Funny, we never hear about anyone who actually pays for their tickets wishing these Mets/Yankees midseason contests would end. I guess Bob thought Mr. Koo taking Randy Johnson to the warning track and then scoring from 2nd on a sacrifice bunt was one of those everyday occurances.