Gonzaga cut-up Adam Morrison, sabotaging his own draft prospects? From the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy.

Both Morrison and his father talked about the long-term perils of diabetes – such as circulation and heart complications – during recent interviews. During one sit-down – in what agent Mark Bartlestein insists was merely an off-hand attempt at humor – the wise-cracking Morrison feigned concern over losing his fingers and toes, and that as a result he must enter the draft ASAP.

By the time news of that interview reached one league executive last week, doubt had settled in.

œWhy would he even say something like that, the executive said, unaware that Morrison was apparently speaking in jest. œIf you™re thinking about taking him, what are you supposed to think?

Can you say damage control?

œThe whole thing was taken out of context, Bartlestein said. œI™ve talked to his doctor – a guy he™s had since he was a kid – and he said there was absolutely no problem.

œUnfortunately, people ran with it, and now we have this. But I will make sure that everyone in the league knows what is up with that.