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While stressing the Pistons alarming tendency to turn the ball over, Detroit Bad Boys’ Matt Watson points out that Big Ben & co. haven’t suddenly become pushovers on D

It seems like the complaint du jour about the Pistons is that they’re not as strong defensively as they have been in the past. That may be true, but looking over the box scores from each game, I couldn’t expect the Pistons to play the Cavs any tougher. I know I’m glossing over some situational difficulties, but the Cavs have averaged just 84.5 points per game, and LeBron James is the only player causing problems game in and game out. When another player has come through, it’s simply been a matter of hitting a timely shot ” a Damon Jones three-pointer here, a Donyell Marshall three-pointer there. Drew Gooden’s layup in the final seconds won Game 5 for the Cavs, but he finished with all of four points, and was in the game only after Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Anderson Varejao each fouled out.

Of course, not everyone would concur about the Pistons exhibiting the requisite tenacity for 48 minutes.

With the game tied at 84 with :27 left, LBJ had a nice pass to Gooden under the basket, who made what ended up being the game winning layup. Tayshaun Prince was standing right there, why not commit a hard foul and make Gooden convert the free throws? – Brett Edwards, The Association

The NBA has suspended Dallas’ Jason Terry for Friday’s 6th game against San Antonio, a punishment for Terry’s punching Michael Finley in a manly place during the final seconds of last night’s Spurs win. There’s no truth to the rumor Stu Jackson has offered to rescind the penalty if Terry agrees to hit Mark Cuban with a chair.

The New York Daily News’ Frank Isola reported earlier today that Larry Brown has been trying to meet with James Dolan for the past month, but to no avail. In fairness to the Knicks’ owner, there’s been some heavy touring action for JD & The Straight Shot of late, so it must be hard to find the time.