White Sox 0, Twins 1

While the rest of us are watching Jacque Jones’ HR sail over the fence, spoiling Freddy Garcia’s no-hit bid, Peter Gammons is grumbling about Jones flipping his bat. That’s not just old-school, that’s super nitpicky old school. The Twins are now just 3 games behind the A’s and Yankees, and if they weren’t playing in a dome I’d say something about Santana, Radke and two days of rain.

Santana, Radke and two days of long, loud tributes to the late Andrea Dworkin, then.

Congratulations to the Braves’ Julio Franco on his 47th birthday, celebrated with a 10-1 loss to the Cubs. To put Franco’s incredible achievment in some perspective, he’s old enough that he could be Alex Reimer’s grandfather.