One of these years, hopefully before he retires, David Wells will really come out of his shell.

From the Hartford Courant’s David Heushkel.

“Am I an idiot at times? You’re damn right I am,” Wells said Thursday in an interview with The Courant. “Do I say stupid things? Absolutely. But at least I’m man enough to apologize when I’m wrong or if I say something out of context, which I did. I shouldn’t have called him a piece of [expletive]. I shouldn’t have said that.”

Wells said he hasn’t talked to Selig since saying that the commissioner needs to resign “because there is so much hatred” against him.

“And I don’t plan on talking to him,” Wells said. “The thing is I should have phrased it a little better than calling him a piece of [expletive]. That’s just the way it is. But that’s just what came out at the time, so be it. I’m sure he’s a good man at certain things. But I just don’t agree with a lot of the stuff that he does. Neither does everybody else, but nobody will speak it. That man Googles the hell out of himself. We talked last year. He said he was going to come talk to me, take me to dinner or lunch and try to understand one another. Did he do it? No. I’m not going to say anything else towards him unless something comes up. I’ll be on the warpath again.”

So did any of his teammates have his back on him going off on Bud?

“They said, `You speak your mind. That’s great. We don’t have a problem with that,'” Wells said. “There’s not one guy that’s come up and said anything derogatory or said, `You’re an idiot’ or `Why do you do that?’ If they’re afraid to come to me, I don’t know why. But I got backing on it. “