You know, the one having zilch to do with Isiah Thomas. Though if Glen Sather asks you over to his place to watch the director’s cut of “Love & A Zamboni”, you’re still better off turning him down. From the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir :

Rather than defend itself against sexual harassment again, Madison Square Garden on Wednesday settled a lawsuit filed three years ago by the former captain of the Rangers™ cheerleading squad, the Rangers City Skaters.

No details of the settlement were provided by the Garden or the former cheerleading captain, Courtney Prince, who sued the Garden and two Rangers employees in October 2004. She accused the Garden of sexual harassment and of retaliation, because it fired her and tried to smear her reputation.

The Garden and Prince™s lawyer, Kathleen Peratis, issued nearly identical statements. œWe resolved this matter with no admission of wrongdoing on any part, each said while offering no further comment.

Fred Nance, a sports law expert who is a regional managing partner for Squire Sanders, a Cleveland-based law firm, said: œThey™ve gotten the right idea now, by resolving things like this and getting out ahead of them. It certainly gets the issue off the front pages and out from under the microscope, as long as there aren™t more allegations of this type of conduct.

A psychiatrist hired by the Garden said Prince had a bipolar personality that was apt to have been manic and hypersexual at the time of the bar incident.

In her court documents, Prince said that she showed no unusual symptoms when the psychiatrist examined her and that his diagnosis was derived from comments made by 10 skaters in unsworn affidavits. Two of the skaters later said in affidavits that they had been coerced into signing the earlier statements.