After all, nothing goes with Devils hockey quite like tapas. From the Newark Star-Ledger:

After touring sections of Newark yesterday, ESPN hockey analyst Barry Melrose apologized again for making negative comments about the city and said he was impressed with what he saw.

Melrose was given a tour of the city by business administrator Bo Kemp, who took him to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium, and the University Heights and Ironbound sections.

Their tour ended around 5:30 when their city van pulled up at Mompou, a tapas and wine bar on Ferry Street in the city’s Ironbound section.

“I’ve seen a very active downtown and a very energetic bunch of friendly people,” Melrose said. “Unless Bo was hiding a part of the city I haven’t seen, I’m impressed.”

The group had a table near the front of the crowded and noisy eatery, where they munched on chorizo, cold cuts and a special off-the-menu plate of pasta.

“We’re going to kill him with kindness,” said Mompou owner Steve Yglesias. “The best way to react to something like this is to be civil and let them see what Newark is really all about.”

Kemp said he didn’t have enough time to give him a full tour of the city.

“There’s no point in proving anything because we know how great a city Newark is,” Kemp said.

In a video on five weeks ago, the outspoken former NHL player and coach called the Prudential Center a “beautiful building” but advised fans not to “go outside if you have a wallet or anything else, because the area around the arena is just horrible.”