….and what took him so long? From Phil Mushnick in Monday’s NY Post.

We’re supposed to applaud Sheryl Swoopes’ courage in revealing that she’s gay when her self-outing coincided with her paid endorsement of a cruise line that caters to lesbians? Until dough was dangled, her seven-year relationship with a woman was no one else’s business? How’s that for the courage of one’s convictions?

Heck, if there’s money in it, I’ll admit it, too. I’m a lesbian. Bon voyage!

Though Phil is correct in implying there’s something screwy about such an announcement having a corporate sponsor (in this case, Olivia Cruises), surely Mr. Integrity can acknowledge that Swoopes is waving goodbye to any number of other endorsement opportunities?

And besides, Fred Smoot already turned the gig down.