OK, credit where it is due dept. The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick is frequently mocked around here and with good reason. His beard is a public health hazard and when he gets tired of beating a dead horse (overpriced sneakers, evil video games, Spike Lee, Vince McMahon, ballgames that start later than 6:30pm) he’ll shoot it with a cannon.

But every now and then, purely on the observational tip, Phil redeems himself, if only for a few minutes.

Last week, Michael Kay, after telling his ESPN-NY audience that he’d dined in a well-known steak house, said he wouldn’t give its name because he didn’t want it to become more difficult for him to get a table.

Oh, yeah, the moment Kay says the name of this already well-known restaurant, he’ll create such a run that even a fellow as influential, as famous and as fabulous as Michael Kay won’t be able to get in.

Friday, FAN’s Mike Francesa and Chris Russo chatted with Billy Joel’s saxophonist, Richie Cannata. Russo, a self-proclaimed huge fan of Joel and his band, had seen them perform, the night before. And that should strike all sports fans as important. (Naturally, Russo had the best seats in the house. He always does ” unless Francesa’s there.)

Russo asked where his ex-neighbor, longtime Joel Band bassist, Doug Stegmeyer (above, middle), has been. Cannata told Russo that Stegmeyer, “committed suicide, a bunch of years back.” Stegmeyer ended his life in 1995.