(Topper?  I just met her!)

Though it was gracious of the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick to acknowledge the passing of Jack Warden in his column Monday, the self-appointed Conscience of News Corp. is once again, having trouble remembering that  much of his readership resides in the City That Never Sleeps.

Excuse the indelicate language, but every time I hear Uncle Bud Selig express his great regard for baseball fans, I want to puke. Friday night’s Brewers-Reds game began after a three-hour weather delay. Three hours. The game itself ran 3:10.

The Mets, within their warmly named “Family Pack,” sold tickets for a 1:10 start against the Phils on Sunday, Aug. 6. On Friday, that game was moved to an 8:05 start for ESPN, so you and your family can now go to hell.

I’ve heard an ugly rumor there are a number of movie theatres in the tri-state area that show films — including those that aren’t rated R or X — with start times as late as 9pm.  But Phil’s characterization of Flushing as “hell” is far more offensive.  Seems to me that bringing the kiddies to a night game at Shea could be wildly educational, especially if parents take the time to view the Queens Borough Monument Park, located just beyond the right field fence.  With plaques honoring Grand Funk Railroad, Geoffrey G. Lindenauer, Lindsay Nelson, Mike Glavine  and Anthony Young, a night at the ballpark can’t possibly be long enough.