The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick is among the precious few who have checked out SportsNet New York’s non-Mets offerings, and he doesn’t consider himself fortunate.

From its more obvious and solvable problems – the initial lack of cable and satellite clearance, the sudden disappearance of picture and/or sound, the misplacement of that darned sign that reads, “Technical difficulties, please stand by” – SportsNet New York has another problem.

It often looks and sounds like a municipal access cable show, the kind produced by high school kids for extra credit and because it will look good on their college applications.

We don’t mean to be harsh, but you can’t juice New York fans for the arrival of a sports network, one carrying 125 Mets telecasts, no less, and give us this. Besides, we waited three weeks after SNY’s launch, searching for hopeful signs, and have seen very few.

After local TV vet Gary Apple, ex-ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor Steve Berthiaume and Matt Yaloff, a Long Islander returned from Comcast Sports in Philly, SNY’s on-air folks leave us with a sense that they were headed elsewhere, slept through their stops and are now stranded here.

And, while SNY execs insist that their troops will not pull their punches regarding the Mets or any other New York story, we’re left with the equal sense that SNY is flush with on-air folks who don’t know how to throw a punch and wouldn’t know where to aim and why, if they did.

Phil’s critique has absolutely nothing to do, I’m certain, with SNY’s co-promotion efforts with the New York Daily News. Still, I cannot think of anyone better qualified to level a charge of high school journalism than a longtime colleague of Daniel Aquilante.