America’s most trusted news source, Peter Vescey of the New York Post reminds us that if it wasn’t part of his forecast, it won’t happen.

In the last few days, multiple media outlets have reported the Knicks have discussed or are discussing trades involving Malik Rose, Danny Fortson, Reggie Evans, Steve Francis, Kenyon Martin, Earl Watson, Theo Ratliff, Ruben Patterson, Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza, Nate Robinson, Davis Lee, Clyde Lee and Butch Lee.

The bulk of the info is completely bogus, the remainder practically prehistoric.

Before commencing the debunking, it’s imperative to get one thing seamlessly straight so you can refer back to it the next time a newspaper, or a clueless, talking headache, or a four-letter Internet outlaw ” infamous for routinely rustling any and all material, inaccurate or otherwise, and branding it as its own ” claims it has inside info about a Knick trade:

Isiah Thomas has one exceptionally coveted asset, Channing Frye, a major asset in Eddy Curry that very few teams, if any, would take a chance on because of his uninsured heart, and an alluring asset in David Lee. Unless one or the other regal rookies are included in a deal, there’ll be no worthwhile deal, with one exception:

As previously written in this space, the Blazers were willing to exchange Ratliff and Patterson for Penny Hardaway’s expiring $15.7 million contract a few weeks ago and probably still would, though the conversation hadn’t been revived last time I checked several days ago, before Ratliff rolled his ankle Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Sonics’ stuff either is unadulterated whimsy by investigative journalists who need to be investigated, or pure wishful thinking by dullards who enjoy spreading such deception.