(it’s ok, Gil, I’m really familiar with chopping a guest list in half)

The interweb was abuzz this morning with in-depth coverage of Gilbert Arenas’ birthday party last night (example a, b) but the harrowing account composed by Wizznutzz intern Rex Chapman should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who doesn’t think there’s something sinister about maintaining a dress code.

In an unrelated story, Awvee Storey has been banished from the NBDL after his alleged attack on Dakota teammate Martynas Andriuskevicius.

I’m not sure I quite understand. If the point is to punish Storey, isn’t forcing him to travel, train and watch NBDL games the most efficient way to do so?

Austin’s D-League entry, the Toros, have now won 3 of their last 4 games after starting the season 0-12. Recent acquisition Troy Bell scored 27 points in Friday’s 96-88 win at Albuquerque.

Newsday’s Allen Hahn wins the week’s eagle-eye award for picking up on the following during the Knicks’ 111-83 demolition of the Sonics last night : a) with a 20 point lead and less than 90 seconds left, Jamal Crawford (a starter who was still in the game, hint hint) tried feeding David Lee an alley-oop that George Karl might’ve found interesting, b) Jerome James, who gets slightly more playing time these days than Willis Reed, actually refused a garbage time assignment, and c) Sir-Mix-A-Lot is still alive.

Sports On My Mind’s dwill wonders if in the light of Jim Lampley and Sean Salisbury’s alleged escapades “will the media pick up on the sudden and disturbing proliferance of crimes committed by sports media personalities?” Well, that depends. Has Salisbury ever pissed off Phil Mushnick?