The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Karen Rosen polled a bunch of all-time greats for their thoughts on Mark McGwire’s Hall Of Fame candidacy, and the ever opinionated Bob Feller, predictably, gave Big Mac the thumbs down. Writes Repoz, supplier of the above link, “even Bob Feller’s old man farts are old.”

“No way McGwire’s going to make it. He’ll be lucky to get 30 percent of the vote.”

Should he get in?

“No. Because he used enhancement drugs which are not against the rules, but baseball is very slow in getting their performance-enhancement program under way. [Taking drugs] is what you call instant gratification.”

On McGwire

“McGwire, I asked him to come to my museum in Van Meter, Iowa, in a couple of weeks (Jan. 14). I’m going to have [Tony] La Russa out there, I got Bruce Sutter, and [McGwire] was very rude and didn’t care about anything except money. He gave me a brushoff, and I don’t need that. I’m the senior member of the Hall of Fame. Who the hell is he?”

If he got in

“I would not be thrilled about it. The most important thing is a lot of young people taking drugs, they’re not going to live much past 50. It ruins their brain, their reproductive organs, ruins their liver and their kidneys. They’re not going to have to worry about an old man’s home.”