Regular readers of this space may recall my on-going battle with my 9-yr.-old nephew Jake over the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry, which usually devolves into his referring to  Cub manager Lou Piniella as “Poo Piniella” and my always effective retort of “Albert Pooballs.”  Jake has gone professional, it seems, having finally gotten through to ESPN’s Dan Patrick after countless morning calls.  Jake broke down Game 1 yesterday on the air.  Today, Patrick had him on again and posted this morning‘s call, with Jake upset that his team, Los Suns, is getting pwned by Kobe and Co.  Even Jake was speechless when asked to advise Nash or the Suns defense against Pau Gasol “ and on the topic of sports, this rarely happens. Patrick’s been reminding the Danettes that they are all replaceable by a 9-yr-old, which I guess i am, too.  GC, sorry to let this junior genius escape the CSTB intern program.