So I’m having a peak at today’s messages that were sent to my dearly treasured personal myspace account (as opposed to the corporate account, supposedly monitored by a robot or cartoon character, but is in fact handled by no one) and I notice there’s a friend-add request from the New York band Oxford Collapse.

Where do these motherfuckers get off, interrupting me while I’m looking at sofa catalogs and eating quail? Aren’t the Oxford Collapse aware that my highly coveted seal-of-approval, is nothing less than CULTURAL CAPITAL?

(doing the Collapse — myreturnbuttonweighsaton)

I mean, the whole thing is presumptuous beyond belief. Just because I told someone I liked them, bought two of their CD’s last week and asked their booking agent if they could play a gig earlier this morning, does not give these young men the right to invade my space. Or MySpace.

All of that said, I remain open to the notion that there are some exciting young people out there with rad new ideas to advance. Like for instance, trying to get anyone with half a brain to believe that the Manic Street Preachers don’t suck.