More than one person has suggested the time has long passed for CSTB to return to “the good old days”, back before women had the right to vote, the invention of the cotton gin or the era in which the blog’s fave whipping boy wasn’t Will Leitch, but was instead the hapless Scotty Weiland.

While trapped aboard a Jet Blue flight on Tuesday morning traveling between Austin and New York, I had the distinct displeasure of witnessing Cyndi Lauper and Weiland dueting on a cover of the Brains’ “Money Changes Everything”. Said footage was telecast on the curiously named VH-1 Classics channel.

If a Viacom-owned basic cable channel has no trouble showing Cyndi Lauper writhing around on her back, while Weiland straddles her in his leather trousers (said in outraged Mushnickian tones), perhaps the following collaborations will be making their way to the small screen?

Martha Davis of the Motels with Larry Lifeless (Sickness, Kilslug, Flesh Missles, Upsidedowncross, Adolf Satan) – “Suddenly Last Summer”

Rindy Ross (Quarterflash) and Marc Deaton (Frantix) – “My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alcoholic”

Christina Amphlett (Divinyls) and Mike Doskocill (Drunks With Guns, Bullets For Pussy) – “I Touch Myself”

Please, I’m sure you can do better, so knock yourself out.